8 Simple Steps to Brainwash your Mind

Do you know that you can Brainwash your Mind?


In my last post I talked about the 7 facts of our Subconscious Mind, actually, they are 8 facts to which The law of Attraction responds to, if you want to know more, go back to my blog and check it out! But for now a little reminder of these facts are: The Subconscious Mind is always recording, it doesn’t matter if you are awake or sleep; also, the Subconcious Mind is a mental movie maker, it never takes a “no” or a “not”, It’s always in the Present tense, it controls 95% or your life (the other 5% you think you have the control!); it cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination; Repeticion can create new habits, and last but not least, with the power of your Subconcious Mind you will start attracting amazing things into your life experience.

Now that you know those facts, you are ready to Brainwash your Mind and set up new patterns, new paradigms, the new belief that will be drawn to your life experience circumstances, people, situations that match your new thoughts.

Are you ready?



  1. Take a piece of paper and write down what you really want: A specific Lifestyle, the job of your dreams, a particular car, etc. Be as clear as you can! Use all your senses: the better your details are, the better results you’ll get.
  2. Make a mental movie as if it is already a reality. Remember that your Subconscious Mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination, so have fun!
  3. Stop watching TV shows, and news and all that negativity! Get away of that vibes!
  4. Create a short but sweet affirmation. Just one, start with one. Make it always in the present tense and be sure that it reflects exactly what you are reaching for. Example: if you want to have more money, financial freedom, the best affirmation would be: I AM PROSPEROUS. If you want health: I AM HEALTHY. Always start your affirmation with I AM or I HAVE, ok?
  5. Set up an alarm in your phone for speaking your affirmation: daily 5 minutes for 21 days, remember? You need 21 days to create a habit! In the beginning, it will feel strange, but you’ll see, soon a lot of images will start coming to your mind, the magic is starting!
  6. Listen to affirmations or create your own. I am going to be attaching some affirmations in my webpage so you can listen to them while you sleep: believe me, your Subconscious Mind will always be listening!
  7. Talk about your desire as it is already manifested, feel the happiness, let the others know how your life is working out for you! Remember reality follows your imagination.
  8. Repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat! New habits and beliefs are formed through repetition.
You need at least 21 Days to create your new belief!
Start today and Brainwash your Mind!


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